Skinny Tip – Joseph White Wolf in Sedona with Adele Good

In this Skinny Tip in Sedona, Adele Good asks Joseph White Wolf to share a Skinny Tip. Joseph is a spiritual teacher from northern Canada who guides and inspires clients to look deeper into their spiritual being.

Video Transcription:
<<<<Adele Good>>>>
Welcome to the Skinny Tips.  I’m Adele Good with my new friend Joseph White Wolf.  He is a native American spiritual teacher.  We are sitting in a beautiful crystal bowl in Sedona. And I’d like to have Joseph to talk about his healthy tip.

<<<<Joseph White Wolf>>>>
My healthy tip… this would be when we are out walking in beautiful creation in our beautiful environment like here in Sedona. When we look at the trees, we acknowledge that the trees have bark and we have skin. If we open up the trees and count the rings we see that tree ages and we age. Also the tree reproduces, so do we.  And the tree has great purpose… it provides oxygen. And when we walk back in the wilderness, a thousand miles back we will get in and will see that all the plants and all the trees are doing fine on their own. The plants and the trees, they don’t need the humans, we need those plants. If there’s no oxygen we don’t survive, we don’t breath. So we always should have great honor and great respect for all forms of creation that’s there.  Because its there for us to enjoy, to be part of.

<<<<Adele Good>>>>
Thank you so much Joseph that was beautiful. Remember YOU DESERVE RADIANT HEALTH!  Good Bye!

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