Adele’s Skinny Gazpacho recipe being served at AT&T Corporate Offices

AT&T Corporate Headquarters are serving Adele’s Skinny Gazpacho in their Dining Room!  Adele is speaking to the Women of AT&T on May 29. This will be the first of  The Skinny on the Skinny Radiant Health Series delivered to this group of professional women.  They will hopefully enjoy this delicious, healthy vegetarian soup while learning tips and techniques for Radiant Health!  The chefs at Aramark who run this dining room have been wonderful to work with!

Here is the recipe for your enjoyment! It is being served as a vegetarian chilled soup with avocado on top!

Skinny Gazpacho

2 cups Campari Tomatoes

1 cup Cucumber, peeled (if desired) and cut in quarters

3/4 cup Roasted Red Pepper (fresh or jarred)

1/3 cup Celery

1/ 4 cup Scallions or chives

3 tbsp. Cilantro

1 tbsp. Balsamic or Sherry Vinegar

1 tbsp. fresh Lemon Juice

1/4 tsp. Sea Salt

1/4 tsp. Black Pepper

1 avocado, peeled, pitted and chopped for garnish


In a blender, add tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, celery, scallions, cilantro, vinegar,

lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Blend until reaches desired consistency.

Chill, covered, in refrigerator for at least 1 hour or overnight to let flavors meld.  Serve

with chopped avocado on top. Serves 4.



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Skinny Tip – Adele Good with Jeanne Robertson at NSA Convention speaking on Healthy Laughter!

Skinny Tip – Adele Good laughs with Jeanne Robertson, 48 year veteran of speaking and humor during a break at the National Speaker Association Convention in Anaheim. Jeanne creates healthy, family laughter for audiences around the world . Check out She is loved by millions on You Tube!

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Skinny Tip – Adele Good Talks of the Miracle of Manifesting Peru Trip

Skinny Tip – Adele Good shares how she set the intention of going to Peru, and the miracle happened! The trip appeared as well as the money.  You too can create miracles!

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Skinny Tip at the Byron Nelson Golf Championship with Adele Good

Adele Good shares a Skinny Tip about volunteering and giving back to the community. She speaks of the Salesmanship Club who support the Byron Nelson Golf Championship to raise money for over 8,500 underprivileged children in the Dallas – Ft. Worth area. Adele shares how important it is to contribute and give back our time, energy and resources to truly BE Radiantly Healthy!

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Skinny Tip Arizona Biltmore with Adele Good

Skinny Tip at the Arizona Biltmore with Adele Good.  Adele shares how important it is to TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF!

I am at the gorgeous Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix at the InfusionCon Conference for Infusion Soft…. It’s early morning… I got up early to take in a walk/run on the golf course and it is lovely here.  Behind me is a beautiful view… Camelback Mountain. …It has been a busy four days but I decided I needed to take this time to exercise….”

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Skinny Tip Royal Wedding Party Fun with Adele Good and Clare Chaney

Fun at a Royal Wedding Party hosted by Clare and Cal Chaney in Dallas. Clare shares her Skinny Tip about being silly and having fun! Great way to stay young and Radiantly Healthy!

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Skinny Tip – Joseph White Wolf in Sedona with Adele Good

In this Skinny Tip in Sedona, Adele Good asks Joseph White Wolf to share a Skinny Tip. Joseph is a spiritual teacher from northern Canada who guides and inspires clients to look deeper into their spiritual being.

Video Transcription:
<<<<Adele Good>>>>
Welcome to the Skinny Tips.  I’m Adele Good with my new friend Joseph White Wolf.  He is a native American spiritual teacher.  We are sitting in a beautiful crystal bowl in Sedona. And I’d like to have Joseph to talk about his healthy tip.

<<<<Joseph White Wolf>>>>
My healthy tip… this would be when we are out walking in beautiful creation in our beautiful environment like here in Sedona. When we look at the trees, we acknowledge that the trees have bark and we have skin. If we open up the trees and count the rings we see that tree ages and we age. Also the tree reproduces, so do we.  And the tree has great purpose… it provides oxygen. And when we walk back in the wilderness, a thousand miles back we will get in and will see that all the plants and all the trees are doing fine on their own. The plants and the trees, they don’t need the humans, we need those plants. If there’s no oxygen we don’t survive, we don’t breath. So we always should have great honor and great respect for all forms of creation that’s there.  Because its there for us to enjoy, to be part of.

<<<<Adele Good>>>>
Thank you so much Joseph that was beautiful. Remember YOU DESERVE RADIANT HEALTH!  Good Bye!

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Skinny Tip – Adele Good with Secret Millionaire James Malinchak on the Healthy Importance of Giving at Arizona Biltmore party

Adele Good shares her Skinny Tip at a party at the beautiful Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix. Adele talks with James Malinchak, recently featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire T.V. show. James speaks of the important aspects of being healthy by giving to others and serving, using his concept of A.M.E. – A for Add Value, M for Make a Difference and E to Enrich People’s Lives. Adele speaks often of how sharing with others is a significant part of being Radiantly Healthy. Remember – YOU deserve Radiant Health!

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Skinny Tip – Adele Good with Business Leader Brian Tracy Speaking of How He Lost 20 Pounds Eating Healthy Food!

In this Skinny Tip Adele Good talks to Brian Tracy about his healthy tip that helped him lose 20 pounds over a year. Brian talks of his “Salads at 6″ Plan, eating a healthy salad with protein for dinner at 6:00 during the week. This video was taken at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix during the Infusion Soft conference.

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Skinny Tip Adele Good with Nancy Addison and Lisa Dery- Dahn Hak Yoga in British Columbia

Skinny Tip of Dahn Hak Yoga with Lisa Dery in Langley, British Columbia. Adele Good and Nancy Addison preparing for a day of speaking after a great yoga session.  Lisa Dery runs A Full Circle Studio in East Vancouver, Canada.

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